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After I receive your interest request, I will meet with you, if you are not too busy, and at minimum call, you to discuss what your needs are that could include,

  • Your brand and your message will create equity

  • Your volume of items needed. Your wine club needs, And your time frame

  • All information shared is confidential, with an NDA agreement signed as needed. 

  • I will send you an invoice with all pricing for your accounting dept.



I have designed and hand-selected apparel as a platform to add your custom branding too. These items and colors provide a basic background to make your branding stand out. If you want a color or design that is not what we currently offer, we can discuss it. As with any custom orders, factory minimums are a very important consideration and vary per factory. All production variables apply as needed unrepentantly per factory.


Our pricing scale is based on using several different platform (garment) choices.

 Remember, what I do is custom branding on our platform choices, and not custom apparel production.  If you want assistance in the production of custom-designed apparel, we will discuss viability and fees. You select the platform or platforms you want in the quantity, size, and colors you want. We will price out your selected garments in the quantity you have chosen. We will price out your logo/branding embroidery on the chosen garment that will include a. digitized cost, 1-time fee, b. a per-item cost to embroider your digitized file that is based on thread count.

Additional costs could include shipping, optional requested packaging, and any production changes, or special needs you might have that have been discussed and approved by both parties in advance by signed off change order.


Volume is the major driver of lower costs. Factories are set up to produce volume. Staffing is set to produce volume; Raw materials are bought dyed, woven, and sewn in volume.  At no time will we lower quality standards to effect costs but the simple fact is the more you make the less cost per item you will pay.

Factory (2).jpg


If your order does not meet factory minimums, I will combine your order with similar smaller orders until our factory minimums are met. This only applies to an unfinished garment blank that has not been customized.  This gives everyone the ability to create branding equity no matter how small. If you want a sample item that’s fine we will squeeze you in ASAP. If you want 6 that’s fine, if you want 500. God bless you. 


Your branding order will be placed at the same time your order goes to the factory and a sample will be returned to you to approve before the garment is finished.

Your branding set up costs is 1 time unless you make a needed change. That cost could include set up, or design correction cost, as not all logs or brands translate to apparel and may need adjustment.   

Finished branded garment items are a cost per item that will include.
A. Your logo/label setup digitized costs. 

B. The garment cost of production.  Volume discounts will  be taken under consideration. Factory cost changes will              change the total costs. If a purchase order has been signed off by all parties, then that price will be honored                      even if factory costs change mid production.


All garments carry factory guarantee for quality assurance. 

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