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Our Story

WineWare only sources the highest quality standards with MADE IN USA, apparel from factories that have a long proven track record of producing quality.  From Portland Oregon to Long Island NY and in between, we have a USA-Strong approach to production. Only in our quest to source MADE in USA factories has the real impact of NAFTA become so apparent. While we can't change the world, we can support the effort to bring back to America some of what's been lost a garment at a time. We realize that the American consumer has gotten spoiled by inexpensive low-quality garments only to find out, that there is a direct relationship between MADE in the USA and QUALITY.  When all things are said and done it’s a PRIDE FACTOR to be able to wear something that is MADE IN USA.

Only when there are limited options presented to WineWare by high factory quotas or other considerations would  WineWare look at a product that might have an element of production outsourced from outside the USA. It could be a price point consideration factor for example, as it may take some time to ween the consumer off low-quality lesser-cost items. At no point will we sacrifice quality to meet a price point. If I won’t wear it, I won’t sell it to you. We understand this is an education process.  We know that once you feel the pride of a quality MADE IN USA garment you will get it.    Many of our sourced factories have been around for over 100 years. USA-Strong.  


We all wear branded clothing of some sort or another Nike Swoosh, POLO, Louis Vuitton handbags and on and on. 

That brand says something about you because of the perceived quality that the item brand represents. The feeling says buy it, and the logic justifies that decision. 

That perception makes a statement about you because it’s in your hand on your back. More importantly perhaps, it makes a statement to everyone who sees it. Again it’s a perception thing. I’ll let the marketing people sort that out.   You can use Wine Ware Branding as a strategy that tells a story of your Winery that can be remembered. 


Portland Oregon USA has a long history of producing high quality apparel for over 100 years that has been killed by free trade NAFTA by cheap goods made in CHINA. I want to create jobs in the USA.     

I looked around at tons of winery apparel, and saw a lot of cheesy stuff made in CHINA, that I would not own, or buy or wear. Sure “DRINK UP BITCHES” HAS ITS APPEAL. AND THAT’S OK. 

My approach is a little different.
Classic designs that look good, comfortable, and are designed to be your favorite go to   and last.  

I have never met a winemaker, or winery, that set out to make pour quality wine, so why not take your brand or label or logo, and put it on a high quality made in the USA garment that your customers, wine club members, staff, and owner can wear and be proud of. My designs are classic in nature, comfortable, durable, and are made to the highest standards. Made in USA. 

The glasses, bottle label, the branded cork screw and all the packaging you use all has its merits, but its short lived. The bottle is empty, the cork screw is in a drawer, the packaging and bottle is in the recycle, and the glasses in a cabinet. 

Just like every item we design and brand, has a place for a corkscrew, or whatever tool you need in the left sleeve pocket. 

WineWare was born as a tool to create long term BRAND EQUITY.   

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